Intro to Adobe CC 2019

This course offers a fundamental introduction to the Adobe Creative Cloud (CC), the key program set used in Digital Publishing including page assembly software, video editing, vector line art and bitmap image programs. While the applications of computers are various, this course has a specific focus – introducing the computer processes used to prepare visual communications for reproduction.

Though of relevance, subjects such as Layout and Design, Typography, Imaging, and the like, may only be briefly addressed. The course framework and contents are designed to provide an elementary overview – an introduction – to the Mac OSX environment and the program tools used by graphics professionals.

This course presents information that is pre-requisite to further learning and pursuit of certification in Digital Publishing.  The course outline is linked here.  (PDF)

GBC Apps Anywhere link is hereComplimentary use of Adobe CC apps for Windows.  Some Mac apps are also available – eg: Microsoft Office 365.

  • Adobe CC tutorials linked here
  • Desktop app explained here
  • Cloud storage explained here
  • Typekit explained here
  • Adobe Stock linked here

Grades in progress as of February 7 2019 are posted here
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Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course the students will have reliably demonstrated the ability to:

1. Apply basic computer operation and file management skills.
2. Select appropriate software to perform various Digital Publishing tasks.
3. Demonstrate certain Digital Publishing program tools and techniques.


• Lectures
• Exercises
• Demonstrations
• Hands-on application

One of the Mac labs @ the School of Design

Week 1 –  Introductory Session.
January 14 / 15  2019

Review of course outline and course objectives. Introduction to the OS X environment and lab procedures. Introduction to basic digital imaging theory and the Photoshop CC features and work area.

      • Retouching
      • Basic selections
      • Simple composites
      • Adobe TV – Photoshop
      • Adobe Photoshop tutorials here
  • Tonight’s source files linked here

Please set up a Google Drive account to store and manage class files. Google Drive is linked here

Please also set up an Adobe ID at this link ( unless you have already done this…)

Week 2 – Photoshop continued
January 21 / 22  2019

      • Painting
      • Blending modes
      • Image size & resolution
      • Cropping
      • Aspect ratios
    • slide show on image size / resolution here
  • Tonight’s source files linked here

Week 3 – Photoshop continued
Monday class Feb 4th / Tuesday class January 29  2019

      • Color correction
      • Density correction
      • Text & layer styles
      • Selective & replace color
      • Panoramas
      • slide show on file formats here
      • slide show on color theory here
  • Tonight’s source files linked here

Photoshop project due this week

Week 4 – Premiere Pro
Monday class February 11th  / Tuesday class February 5th  2019

      • Set up, panels & project management
      • Importing media & editing
      • Exporting final media – sizing and compression
  • Tonight’s files will be distributed through USB thumb drives.

Week 5 – Premiere Pro continued
Monday class March 4th  / Tuesday class February 19th   2019

      • Editing and assembly continued
      • Exporting final media continued
  • Tonight’s files will be distributed through USB thumb drives.

Monday classes postponed for two weeks due to statutory holiday and scheduling conflicts. Monday classes resume March 4th. Tuesday class postponed next week.  Tuesday classes resume March 5th.

Week 6 – Illustrator
Monday class March 11th | Tuesday class March 5th 2019

      • Drawing tools & shapes
      • Fill & stroke
      • Brushes & symbols

Tonight’s source files linked here

Week 7 – Illustrator continued
Monday class March 18th | Tuesday class March 12th 2019

  • Tonight’s source files linked here

Week 8 – InDesign
Monday class March 25th | Tuesday class March 19th 2019

      • Project set up
      • Text & image placement
      • Image sizing & treatments
      • Text controls
      • Adobe TV videos on InDesign here
      • Full Adobe TV InDesign directory here
      • Getting started with InDesign video
  • Tonight’s source files linked here

Illustrator project due this week

Week 9 – InDesign continued
Monday class April 1st | Tuesday class March 26th 2019

      • Master pages
      • Paragraph styles
      • Fonts & Font management
  • Tonight’s source files linked here

Week 10 – InDesign continued
Monday class April 8th | Tuesday class April 2nd 2019

      • Interactivity
      • Export to PDF
      • Packaging
      • ePublishing
  • Tonight’s source files linked here

Week 11 – Acrobat DC 
Monday class April 15th | Tuesday class April 9th 2019

      • Create and edit PDF(s)
      • Interactive forms
      • Combine PDF’s from various source files
      • Security features
  • Tonight’s source files linked here

InDesign project due this week 

Week 12 – Final Review &  in class graded project(s)
Monday class April 22nd | Tuesday class April 16th 2019

Review topics:
•    Image size & resolution / cropping
•    Color & density correction
•    Basic retouching
•    Line art / bezier curves
•    Creating shapes & drawings / logos
•    Layout / Design
•    Creating single & multiple page documents
•    Type controls
•    Export to PDF

Review files linked here


There are four graded projects, detailed below.  Projects are evaluated by the following criteria:

      • timely hand in
      • attention to detail / cleanliness
      • thoroughness of procedure (naming layers, etc)
      • adherence to project directives

1 – Photoshop – 25%

The task here is to complete a retouching/repair project.

Use the Healing Brush, Clone Stamp, Content Aware Fill and/or Patch tool as demonstrated to complete this project.

Please submit the finished jpeg file to the site via your Google Drive share link.

Projects are graded by the level of fine detail applied to the file.

Assignment source file is available here

Please submit by the end of week 3

2 – Illustrator – 25%

The task here is to gain control over the primary vector drawing tools and procedures. Create a fictional map with a variety of features. You may also create a map of a real place by copying or tracing a bitmap image.   You may use a square, vertical, or horizontal document, sized as you wish.

Your map should include the following:

Several roads and highways throughout the island or area using at least two different sizes (thicker stroke means major highway, thinner stroke indicates rural road) Roads should connect to cities and towns.

•    One railway line using the railway brush. (Brush Library : Borders/Novelty)
•    Several towns and one major city. (Symbols may be used)
•    Please indicate roads and highway with symbols and highway numbers.
•    Please indicate towns and cities with the name of the town. (Text tool).
•    Please indicate bays, oceans, lakes with text.
•    Please put in a minimum of three levels of elevation. This will be demonstrated.
•    One Provincial Park.
•    Two gradients.

That’s it. Please keep symbol use to a minimum. Grading will be determined by the quality of the details. Unconnected roads and shapes will result in grade deductions.  Please go in close and fix up any loose ends. Gratuitous use of symbols is discouraged. Cleanly executed text on lines or circles will received bonus points, as will subtle use of drop shadows where appropriate.

Please submit the finished PDF file to the site via your Google Drive share link. Projects are graded by the level of fine detail applied to the file.  Please refer to the finished sample files for a reference if needed.

Assignment source files are available here

Please submit by the end of week 7

3- InDesign – 25%

The goal here is to produce a finished layout using the supplied material. This could be a magazine or book layout, using a classic, contemporary or alternate editorial style.

You may use a square, horizontal, or vertical page layout in any standard paper size.

• Please maintain sub headings in the supplied text.
• Use at least 15 images.
• Please use all the text
• Use as many pages as you need.

Please submit the finished PDF file to the site via your Google Drive share link.
Projects are graded by the fine detail applied to the file.  Please refer to finished samples if needed.

Assignment source files are available here.

Please submit by the end of week 10

4 – Review – 20%

Completed review files are to be submitted tonight as the final assignment.
 Linked here are the review exercise files for:

•    Photoshop
•    Illustrator
•    InDesign
•    Acrobat Professional
    Instructions are included as text files in each folder.

Please read the following before submitting:

Gather all the finished files together into one master folder.  Place that on your Google Drive and submit the link for that folder.

Please submit on final review evening


Assignment Submission – please paste Google Drive link into the form field below by the due date for each project.


Grade Assigned


Numerical Equivalent





Very Good



Competent, meets expectation



Rough but satisfactory



Needs some work. Re-submit

Final Calculations (examples)

Assignment 1

Assignment 2

Assignment 3

Final Extended


























If you miss a class due to illness, you may still do the exercise and receive the credit.  No more than three classes can be missed.  If an extended illness prevents you from attending class please notify the instructor. Documentation from recognized medical authorities may be required.

Relative Grade weight  (examples)

Assignment 1


Assignment 2


Assignment 3


Assignment 4


Attendance & Participation